Ohio Cable-PAC

Political campaigns are an important part of government in Ohio.  Ohio law prohibits corporations from making contributions to candidates.  To become active in state government the cable industry formed Ohio Cable-PAC, a political action committee (PAC).

Ohio Cable-PAC is a voluntary, non-profit unincorporated group of industry leaders whose goal is to support state and local candidates, regardless of party, who care about the future of the cable industry.

Contributors write personal checks to Ohio Cable-PAC. PAC administrators carefully determine how to distribute these contributions.


The Ohio Cable-PAT Alternative

The Ohio Cable Telecommunications Association created a second political fund that allows a donor making a personal contribution to Ohio Cable Political Action Trust (Ohio Cable-PAT) to receive an Ohio income tax credit of $50 for a single filer, or $100 for a joint return. This is not a deduction, but an actual dollar-for-dollar tax credit.

Contributions to Ohio Cable-PAT are forwarded to statewide or state legislative candidates as directed by the contributors. Candidates are then required to report each personal contribution.

For More Information

Contact Steve Buehrer at the OCTA for more information or to plan an Ohio Cable-PAC Presentation.  Email octa@octa.org or call 614-461-4014.

OCTA members may view Ohio Cable-PAC reports by logging into the myOCTA area of the website and clicking on the Ohio Cable-PAC link.