About the OCTA

In 1966 a group of cable pioneers banded together, forming the OCTA to help represent them before the Ohio General Assembly. Over the past four decades, the OCTA has built a strong record of success in the legislative and regulatory arena.

Today, our members look to the Ohio Cable Telecommunications Association with confidence in its ability to represent the industry before the Ohio legislature, PUCO, Congress and the Courts. Through the work of the OCTA and the support of our members we have been able to safeguard our industry's interests through the legislative process, including enactment of strong signal theft laws, legislation that places tough but necessary restrictions on government-run cable companies, and fair and reasonable right-of-way legislation.

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Mission Statement

The Ohio Cable Telecommunications Association represents the cable television and telecommunications industry in the Ohio General Assembly, the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio and the United States Congress on issues of importance to our current and future businesses and works to foster a positive image of the cable industry in Ohio.

The Association:

  • Manages and influences state legislative and regulatory issues relating to the telecommunications industry by monitoring, analyzing and implementing strategies to achieve objectives.
  • Supports federal legislative and regulatory objectives in cooperation with the National Cable and Telecommunications Association.
  • Maintains an effective PAC fund for statewide candidates and develops a state key contact program to foster relationships between cable telecommunications personnel and state officials.
  • Creates and maintains pertinent and useful information about Ohio's telecommunications industry.
  • Represents the industry in matters involving the media and seeks opportunities for positive media coverage for the industry.