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Time Warner Unveils "Home to the Future"

Home to the Future Exhibit to Showcase Digital Leadership at Time Warner Cable and Across Time Warner Businesses
January 10, 2007

Four-Story, Interactive Installation Built Inside Time Warner Center to Feature Time Warner Cable's Industry-Leading Digital Products and Time Warner's Many Other Successful Digital Initiatives

Conceived and Constructed by Edwin Schlossberg of ESI Design, Groundbreaking Structure Wired with Mile of Cable and 50 Samsung LCD Screens

One Million New Yorkers and Tourists Expected to Experience Three-Week Exhibit Opening January 17
NEW YORK Showcasing Time Warner Cable's latest offering of industry-leading digital products and services as well as successful digital initiatives from Time Warner's other businesses, Home to the Future ( is a four-story, interactive installation built inside the Time Warner Center at New York City's Columbus Circle that opens to the public January 17 for three weeks.

Conceived and constructed by world-renowned designer Edwin Schlossberg of ESI Design, Home to the Future is expected to attract nearly one million New Yorkers and tourists to Time Warner Center and will give them the opportunity to connect with the innovative digital experiences from Time Warner Cable and Time Warner's other brands in a futuristic environment.

Dick Parsons, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Time Warner Inc., said: "Home to the Future highlights Time Warner Cable's latest digital products and services in a most dramatic way inside the Time Warner Center, one of Manhattan's premier destinations. We also are pleased to showcase our industry leadership in other digital arenas with a variety of innovative initiatives from AOL, Time Inc., Warner Bros., Turner Broadcasting and HBO as well as Time Warner Cable."

Glenn Britt, Chief Executive Officer of Time Warner Cable, said: "Our customers know that the future is available today through our popular cable bundle of digital video, voice and data services. The Home to the Future exhibition will enable all visitors to experience first hand the consumer-focused products that have made Time Warner Cable a leader in the industry."

Home to the Future Background

The four-story structure will occupy about 45,000 cubic feet and weigh approximately 28,000 pounds;
More than 7,500 square feet of digitally printed translucent scrim will wrap around the installation; and
Nearly one mile of cable will be used to "wire" the exhibit and its more than 50 Samsung LCD screens as well as other televisions.
Home to the Future will welcome visitors into a luminescent, four-story fabric cube that features Time Warner Cable's latest offering of innovative digital products and services. Surrounding the shell of the exhibit will be installations of a family room and a kitchen as well as two bedrooms. Each room will demonstrate the many benefits of integrating digital technologies into one's daily routine.

Inside the bedrooms, for example, visitors will be able to watch Time Warner Cable digital video with such technologies as Video on Demand, High-Definition Programming, Digital Video Recorders as well as iTV polling through NY1 News. Visitors will also be able to access the Internet via Time Warner Cable's Road Runner High Speed Online and every room will offer Digital Phone service from Time Warner Cable to catch up with friends and family.

Mr. Schlossberg, founder and principal designer of ESI Design, said: "The groundbreaking Home to the Future design weaves technology into a cool physical experience that enables individuals to connect with the Time Warner's digital products and services in a dynamic, theatrical environment. Home to the Future is one of the many innovative ways that Time Warner Cable and Time Warner are better defining their brands to key audiences, connecting directly with customers and developing solutions that positively impact those customers' lives."

Around the perimeter of Home to the Future will be two Digital Edge installations devoted to demonstrating successful digital initiatives from Time Warner's other businesses such as:

AOL Video;
In2TV (Warner Bros. and AOL);
TMZ (Warner Bros.' Telepictures Productions and AOL);
Time Inc.'s, and; (Time Inc. and Turner Broadcasting);
Turner's and CNN Pipeline;
Turner's,,, and GameTap.
The Home to the Future exhibition is being created and produced through the work of many design, audio/visual and technology companies, including:

A+G Light and Sound is providing the truss structure and motor rentals.
Click 3X has produced the Home to the Future video animation and the Time Warner Cable product/services video.
Electrosonic is providing audio-visual systems equipment and integration as well as run-of-show services.
Gilston Electricians are the site electricians.
Samsung is providing all the flat-screen television monitors and computers in the Home to the Future, the OCAP monitor, set-top box as well as the refrigerator with an integrated LCD screen.
Showman fabricated the physical components of the exhibit including the fabric scrim, cabinetry and infrastructure, as well as run-of-show services.
Sprint Wireless and Samsung are providing new wireless phones that stream Time Warner Cable programming.
Ted Mather designed and is producing the lighting effects and Scharff-Weisberg provided lighting equipment.

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