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Cox Launches Digital Straight Talk Weblog

Cox Communications Announces 'Digital Straight Talk' Weblog Delivering News and Views on Critical Issues in Broadband, Telecom and Multichannel Video

ATLANTA - Talk is cheap, but not hearing the entire conversation can cost consumers a bundle and industry-watchers a missed opportunity to get the whole story. Injecting refreshing candor into industry discourse, Cox Communications has launched Digital Straight Talk (, a blog featuring news and views on the issues affecting broadband, telecom and multichannel video providers and consumers.

Currently, the site features numerous posts from the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, helping make sense of the flood of news and product announcements from the massive expo. The coverage is authored by Cox staffers, industry pundits, and refreshing new voices including CES first-timer Tony Brown, a teenage tech aficionado whose insightful reporting and electronics knowledge are well beyond his years.

"With Digital Straight Talk, we'll respond rapidly to issues that could impact our company or our customers, and we'll correct statements, announcements or articles that either get the story wrong or omit critical angles that readers need to know," said Ellen East, Vice President of Communications and Public Affairs.

"Digital Straight Talk is clearly identified as a Cox site - unlike sites that purport to be operated by a 'consumer coalition,' for instance, yet go to great lengths to hide the significant financial funding and self-serving agenda provided by their sponsoring companies, including companies like Verizon and SBC," East added. "DST isn't about flashy graphics and slick design; the focus is on straightforward commentary, news and opinion - which many of our customers accustomed to blogging expect from online communications."

In addition to representing Cox's point of view with posts from top execs including Senior VP of Strategy and Development Dallas Clement, Digital Straight Talk will include observations from third-party analysts and industry experts, blog and mainstream media sources, and others - plus an invitation for feedback. It covers a broad range of technical and not-so-technical topics from network infrastructure and public policy, to "DISHgusting" examples of satellite yard dcor. Among the features are Hot Topics, a 360 view of industry news as reported in business and trade media; podcasts of Cox execs questioned on the future of broadband during an analyst roundtable, with more podcasts to come; and links to various web sites and blogs of interest.

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